Press Release #1 - Welcome to the new

Right around the time for summer road trip planning a new website is unveiling the most popular road trips and scenic drives in the United States - This new website is designed from the ground up to help road trippers and other travelers quickly and easily plan great trips by providing visitors with a vast menu of popular road trips across America! This road trip-planning tool includes valuable information such as descriptions of the road trip’s scenery, featured urban stops (cities or towns) and favorite attractions along each route. The tool also provides online/interactive maps that can be printed or even viewed while traveling the road from smart phones like the iPhone or Droid.

Whether travelers are looking to hit the open road and find their own routes or they want to explore the most popular scenic drives within a certain state, makes it easy for them to plan the best driving routes in the US. The visitor starts their search by simply choosing a US state and is then presented with a listing of road trips and scenic drives in that state. Each road trip in the listing includes a thumbnail map allowing the viewer to determine the general location and length of the route at a glance. Each road trip listed includes an overall star-rating compiled from the various ratings of visitors who have driven that road trip firsthand … allowing visitors to see which routes are the most popular. Also each road trip in the listing gives the visitor an abbreviated description of the route including highlights of the scenery and attractions along its path. And, if the visitor wants to see the most popular routes or the most recently added trips, they can change the listing sorting preference with a single click.

From the listing, the visitor will click on the road trip title and be taken to an in-depth description including a full size online map, a description of the trip’s scenery and attractions along its path as well as valuable comments, pictures and additional suggested stops from other travelers who have taken the trip themselves. Additionally, visitors can click on a tool for adding updates or corrections if they travel a road and find out, for example, the road is under construction or if a ferryboat mentioned in the description has changed its fee schedule. Lastly, visitors can quickly and easily invite a friend or relative to join them on the road trip by using the “tell a friend” function, which sends the friend an invitation with a direct link back to that road trip’s description.

If you haven’t visited this new website already, check out and see just how easy finding and planning the best road trips in America can be!