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Palos Verdes Peninsula Tour

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This road trip was originally submitted by BRTP Partners on March 13, 2010

Trip Length: 16 miles

From The Author

Scenery You'll See
This route is one of the best coastal routes in the LA area. Minutes away from downtown LA is this oasis - a large section of coastline that isn't mega-developed - a getaway from the crowds and traffic of the urban jungle. The scenery on this short but sweet trip is the best coastal scenery in LA County. The breathtaking scenery of Palos Verdes peninsula features hills, cliffs, and impressive elevations. If you live in or near LA, make sure you don't miss out on an incredible coastal area. This road trip starts on a large hill overlooking the southern coast of LA from which you can see the Port of Los Angeles with the commercial ships and smaller private boats coming in and out. Further on the route winds its way around to the southwest and western coastal areas along high cliffs with great views of the ocean scenery, especially incredible during sunsets. If the weather is clear, you'll be able to see the beautiful and mysterious Catalina Island. It's amazing how such large and beautiful island is parked just off shore, and many people in LA have no idea it's even there because the island is not visible most of the time. However, when the ocean air is clear, you can see this large island sitting only 20 or so miles off shore. If you take Palos Verdes Drive East detour, you can get a great inland view high above LA's south bay towns of Rolling Hills Estates, San Pedro, etc. If you follow this road you'll end up nearly at the very top of the Palos Verdes hill. This great vantage point over the areas below is really beautiful at night when all the lights are on. With some of the most dramatic ocean views near LA, this is the area where you can see some magnificent houses in upscale neighborhoods positioned to take advantage of the incredibly beautiful coastal views.
Towns/Cities You'll Pass By/Through
The starting point of the route is San Pedro, CA, a town with some rough parts that transforms into a wonderful little hamlet when you get near the coast. Mid way through this road trip is a small town called Rancho Palos Verdes. It's an amazing little town with lots of green and blue and not very many people. The route ends in southern Redondo Beach bringing you back to an urban environment and offering you plenty of things to do and see.
Attractions & Points-of-Interests Along the Way
When it's time to pull over and stretch your legs, there's plenty to do along this route to keep you busy for a full day or a weekend. If you like watching large commercial ships and small pleasure boats, just head down to the Port of Los Angeles. Near the port you will also find two large tourist areas with parks, restaurants, shopping and some inexpensive coastal cruises. One of the tourist areas is the Port's O' Call Village. It's a vintage New England style port replica (apparently filming for movies and commercials in this area). In mid September there's also an annual Lobster Fest in the Port of LA. It is ideal for lobster lovers. On this road trip you can also visit San Pedro's "Korean Friendship Bell", located in Angel's Gate park. South Korea donated this bell to LA back in 1976. There's a great view available from the crest of a hill where the park sits. For anyone who likes history, there's the Fort MacArthur Military Museum in the park highlighting a fort that was built in 1916. About a hundred yards away from this park is Point Fermin Park with tours of an old lighthouse available for visitors. This park also has a long walk/jogging trail around the entire perimeter. Toward the end of your trip you'll find a couple shopping areas where you can pull your car over, walk around, get some ice cream and look at some arts and crafts. Also, you can take a boat to Catalina Island for an exciting vacation in Catalina Island.
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Reviewed by Guest on April 12, 2013
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Comments: You simply can't help but love this drive. I admit its not a long drive but the fact that it is right here in LA and for at least 15 minutes or so you feel like you've escaped the big city, it's wonderful!!
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Reviewed by Guest on August 3, 2010
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Comments: I love this ride!!! I lived in LA for about 3 years and whenever people would come out to visit, this was always the ride I would end up taking them on. Following the exact path described on this page is great but keep in mind that simply diverting up into any of the hillside neihborhood areas is great too ... especially the ones with upscale homes ... very nice!!!
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Recommended Attractions / Points of Interest

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Reviewed by Guest on June 24, 2017
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Attraction or Point-of-Interest recommendation: [url=http://dwerdereose.com]dwerdereose[/url] nfa2l1xb59qfxs8z3c
Attraction type: winery or winery area
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Reviewed by Guest on April 12, 2013
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Attraction or Point-of-Interest recommendation: If you have kids, you NEED TO VISIT the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium! I was there about 8 years ago when I had small kids and it was free back then. They were adding a lot of learning/hands-on centers back then so I'm sure they are finished with those. It has wonderful exhibits and it had a "petty zoo" where kids could touch star fish, crabs, and a few other sea creatures. It wasn't large but for smaller kids it had plenty to see. Here is the Yelp review listing: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cabrillo-marine-aquarium-san-pedro
Attraction type: museum or gallery
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Reviewed by Guest on April 21, 2011
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Attraction or Point-of-Interest recommendation: I suggest you stop at the boardwalk area in Redondo Beach. Its the only one of its kind in the area and it has a lot of nice tiny shops for souvenirs or for snacks. Also, at the end is some open dock space where you'll find locals fishing off the docks and can join them or just relax on one of the many benches (some of them shaded under large canvas overhangs) with great views of the beach and ocean.
Attraction type: shopping place or area
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Updates, Corrections, Additions

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Reviewed by Guest on June 26, 2017
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Route update, correction, or addition: [url=http://dwerdereose.com]dwerdereose[/url]
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