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Hudson River Bridge Tour

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This road trip was originally submitted by BRTP Partners on January 15, 2010

Trip Length: 95 miles

From The Author

Scenery You'll See
This route takes you through the spectacular Hudson River Valley crossing some amazing bridges and following the river for the most part. Starting in New York City you travel westbound on Interstate 95. The route will lead you out of the urban jungle across the impressive George Washington Bridge which spans 3,500 ft across the Hudson River. As you drive along the west side of the lower Hudson River, you'll be traveling past a line of steep cliffs known as the Palisades. This road is called the Palisades Parkway. There are some picnic areas that you can visit by taking exit 1 to the Englewood Boat Basin or Exit 2 to the Alpine Boat Basin. You really should plan on taking the off ramp to the State Line Lookout positioned just past Exit 2. There's an incredible view of the river that you can enjoy from up there. The route gets super pretty as you continue up the Parkway towards Bear Mountain. It's exceptionally beautiful and exciting during the fall. The rest of the route takes you through historic towns and along the side of bluffs overlooking the river.
Towns/Cities You'll Pass By/Through
This route is more rural than urban as it is a river hugging path that meanders along. At some points the roads seem to suspend you over the Hudson as you drive along sections that are carved out of tall rock bluffs.
Attractions & Points-of-Interests Along the Way
The first real attraction along this route is Harriman State Park. It's a very large top quality park that offers all kinds of outdoor attractions and activities. For another great view take exit 19 to the Seven Lakes Drive, and then follow the Perkins Memorial drive to the mountain's summit.

As you return on the Palisade Pkwy and head east, cross the Hudson River over the wonderful Bear Mountain Bridge and then turn north on Route 9D (the Bear Mountain-Beacon Hwy). Keep going north for another 2.5 miles or so and you'll come to Manitoga, an 80-acre forest garden. This place was created 50 years ago by the industrial designer Russell Wright who transformed a barren land into a lovely, wild garden. Here you can explore the many nature trails, brooks, curving paths, open meadows, ravines, and sheltered overlooks. The Manitoga Nature Center is a very interesting place you should consider visiting. Click here to learn about this ecological success story.

Further down the route's path, before you enter the town of Cold Spring, you'll travel past some historic riverside mansions. Cold Spring is a really nice riverside town where you can stop to stretch you legs, eat and take a look around the town. There is a public gazebo offering great views of the river scenery.

Route 9D runs really close to the river taking you all the way to I-84 and back on I-84 west over the Hudson. You can take exit-10 south on Rte. 9W for about 5 miles until you get to Rte. 218 which will take you to both Storm King State Park and the historic and distinguished West Point Military Academy. This stretch of the road is one of the best along this route and is really fun to drive! The road here is cut out of a cliff which hangs over the Hudson River. There are lots of twists and turns here too. Watch for signs that lead to West Point Military Academy. West Point is a great place to visit with its interesting museum, a gift shop and a guided tour of the Academy grounds. After you leave the Military Academy you'll have to get to Main Street and then head south. You'll find yourself on 218 again where you'll have a really nice riverside driving experience. The route will then merge with 9W which you'll need to take south.

Follow 9W all the way back to the Palisade Pkwy and then continue east over the Bear Mountain Bridge. Instead of taking Bear Mountain-Beacon Hwy, veer to the right and take Bear Mountain Bridge Road. Keep going south for 3 miles or so and you'll see signs for Peekskill and Rte. 202. After you go over a bridge you'll come to 202 which will then lead to Rte. 9 or the Briarcliff Peekskill Pkwy. This section of the route offers some impressive homes and mansions for you to view. In Tarrytown you'll see historic homes and buildings previously owned by famous people.
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